What is fugitive?
A 3 mile obstacle course escape run from prison

What kind of obstacles?
Anything from balance beams to tire carry to jumping over fire and walls. Be prepared for anything because it is not that easy to escape from prison

What do you get with the entry fee?
Event race t-shirt, live music, and bragging rights

Most definitely we will need volunteers! For more info, email warden@fugitivemudrun.com.


Experiencing problems during the registration process?
You can email or call our support team for assistance

Age limit?
Even though we would love to have all ages compete, we prefer kids who are 14 and up

Deals on registration?
You can sign up early to knock some money off your registration fee. Also, the larger the team the more the discount

What if I lose my confirmation email?
You can email us at our registration page and we will be happy to send you another one.

Transfer to another race?
Sorry, but since you signed up for this one you will not be able to.

Edit participant info?
Not able to do that because we have over 3,000 participants

Discounts for students/military?
You will need to present your student or military card in order to receive the discount.

Prices are per person or are they per team?
All prices are per person

Registration by phone or email?
No all registration will be completed online

What if I am injured and can’t race?
There are no refunds. Sorry

What if I have a discount code after I have already registered?
Since you are already in the system we do not give refunds.


Where can I purchase Fugitive gear?
They will be selling it the day of the race at the merchandise tent.

Can I return or exchange merchandise at the race?
No, all sales are final

What do I receive prior to race day, where should I go for pre race packet pickup?
- You will be receiving a confirmation email as well as email updates as the race approaches so just keep checking those emails!


What do I need to bring the day of the race and what time should I get there?
- You should arrive at least one hour prior to your heat start time. Since we are not doing packet pickups please bring the waiver we send you the week of the race with you on race day. In order to participate, you MUST have filled one out! Also, you should wear sneakers, lightweight clothing that you don’t mind getting a little muddy, water and a change of clothes for after the race. We do sell Fugitive gear on site so you can purchase that and rock the Fugitive look!

Are spectators allowed to come watch?
Yes, spectators are allowed to come watch you escape to freedom! We are not charging spectators this year so they are able to come watch for free and roam around while you are completing the race. There will be food, soda, and water for purchase if they get hungry or thirsty.

What should I wear?
- Sneakers that you can either wash or donate after the race

- Light weight clothing that you are not afraid to get a little dirty

- Bikinis, compression shorts, you name it, you can wear it

- Prisoner costumes, police costumes

Weather conditions?
We will be racing no matter if its sunny or if its downpouring. IF for some odd reason you are safe from escaping from prison and we have to cancel the event we will send out emails and announcements immediately as well as our social media networks.

What if there is a water obstacle and I can’t swim?
If you honestly cannot swim there will be someone at the water entrance to tell you how to get to the other side. Some of our races do have water obstacles and some don’t so be prepared for anything.

Can I skip an obstacle?
No you are not allowed to skip an obstacle. If you fail to complete an obstacle, you will have one of your flags taken off of your flag belt you will be wearing.

Are there water and aid stations on the course?
Yes, we have water and aid stations throughout the course.  Since it is only a 3 mile course we may only have one aid station half way through.